KHAS Department of Political Science and Public Administration aims to help our students develop the ability to understand, question, criticize and analyze politics from many perspectives.

The department has a skilled and diverse faculty, and our faculty members hold doctoral degrees from prominent institutions in Turkey and abroad. In addition, our instructors are internationally recognized specialists working in a wide variety of fields. With its diverse pool of academics, the department’s curriculum reflects the latest developments in political science and public administration fields.

The purpose of the Department of Public Administration is to prepare students for posts in the public and private sectors, including positions in government institutions and municipal administrative units, as well as nonprofit organizations such as social service agencies, consulting firms, and private institutions which are engaged in public affairs and public policy. By providing students at all academic levels with the opportunity to work with resourceful faculty and practitioners who devote their energy to the intellectual and professional development of their students, our department is proud to provide students with the training they will need to become public leaders in the future.

Program Outcomes

Political Science and Public Administration students and graduates can

  • Understand, define and explain concepts, theories, and approaches related to political science and public administration.
  • Understand, define, explain and interpret the working of political processes and political systems as well as the actors in Turkey.
  • Understand, define, and explain the working of political processes, political systems, and the actors in other prominent political and administrative procedures.
  • Have a broad knowledge of political science and public administration literature.
  • Acquire and use the skills needed in evidence-based reasoning to identify the appropriate data or evidence necessary to construct a convincing argument and be able to communicate these arguments in oral and written form both in Turkish and English.
  • Apply their knowledge from their political science and public administration training to contemporary political issues and problems and identify and evaluate alternative solutions.
  • As engaged and informed citizens who have adopted lifelong learning as a principle, formulate, propose and advocate a positive change towards a democratic polity and demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to a diverse society.
  • Acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to work effectively in teams and project groups individually or collectively.

Job Opportunities

The department graduates are generally employed by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, similar government agencies, local governments, international organizations, think tanks, the private sector, and NGOs. The department makes available the requisite resources to meet the challenges of public administration through service and research.